Horticulture Plus 20L

Horticulture Plus for Brassicas, Vegetables and Fruit Crops.

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Horticulture Plus is a new technology Crop Specific (for Horticultural Plant range, so actually more of an Ultra Foliar general product than a dedicated Crop Specific) with NDS technology - RLF Nutrient Delivery System. This allow a very high efficiency of uptake of foliar Trace elements to balance the plant trace elements and provide e stimulation for extra GROWTH and YIELD. Horticulture Plus forms part of the RLF IFM (Integrated Fertiliser Management) Program, fertilising the Seed with BSN Seed Primer, the roots with reduced traditional solid fertiliser, and the leaf with Horticulture Plus. To Learn more about IFM please view the video at the left of screen. Use Horticulture Plus for more growth of Brassica crops on farm, small seed production and general Vegetable on Fruit production boosting, to improve plant health and vigour. DOWNLOADS: Hero Sheet Horticulture Plus Foliar Spray Application Guide IFM information video

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