USE BSN SEED PRIMER,  the Worlds #1 Seed Primer technology,

for better establishment and higher yield set potential.

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BSN Seed Primer provides a new tier of crop establishment that is easy to apply with usual seed treatment, has 5-10x return on investment (that's hundreds of percent not 5-10%!), and allows strong seedling growth the instant the plant germinates, irrespective of soil type or soil variability. Each seed contains enough nutrients INSIDE the actual seed for the first few crucial weeks of seedling establishment. One x 20L BSN can produce another 6MT of wheat (at 5% additional yield). Usage rates are typically 5 litres per tonne of seed, depends on seed type and size (see label in downloads below). SEE VIDEO ON LEFT. BSN removes the variability of nutrients in the individual seeds themselves, for more consistent seedling growth across the paddock. BSN contains "SDS", RLF's proprietary Seed Delivery System of chemistry to allow nutrient transfer to inside the seed in seconds during treatment - where nutrients are locked in, permanently, witho...

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