Esterol 112 180kg drum.


Esterol 112 180kg drum.

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Esterol 112 Methyl Oleate is a versatile solvent manufactured from a Canola oil base. Esterol 112 is a fatty ester which can be used in "green" formulations, or by itself as it has excellent solvency for a wide range of oils and oil derivatives. The quality of the base feedstock oil is very important, this is why Esterol 112 outperforms all other methyl oleates (eg from inferior Canola, Soya etc). Esterol 112 is very stable from Oxidation, nonvolatile, and readily biodegradable. We sell into the Printing, Pesticide, Forestry (as great solvent for pine resin), cleaning, roading and lubricants markets. Also sold in 900kg IBCs (1000L).   DOWNLOADS. MSDS Product Label

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