"ACETONE FREE" Non DG Acetone Replacement Solvent 215kg drum

NON DG, No VOC's, Low Flammability -

Get rid of Acetone in your factory and workplace!

"ACETONE FREE" Non DG Acetone Replacement Solvent 215kg drum

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ACETONE FREE is a product Element has been selling for some years into the Fibre-glass, Pesticide, Paint Stripping and Foam manufacturing factories across Australia and New Zealand. This product has similar solvency to Acetone, and Methylene Chloride so is very useful in industrial applications with the following benefits:   Non Dangerous Goods - easier to store, transport and less building insurance compared to Acetone. High operator safety compared to Acetone Handling. Low Odour, operator and neighbour benefits. Low volatility so very efficient to use and brushes, rollers are wet longer so less replacement. Can be recycled - Element can supply recycling plants ex Italy or assist with local recycling. Cleaning speed is further enhanced at elevated temperatures - safe handling is due to low flammability and boiling point 222*C. (See TDS and MSDS BELOW) Element has agency for Cleaning stations ex UK for fibre-glassing industry for Austra...

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