Viticulture Plus Foliar Fertiliser 20L pack

NEW TECHNOLOGY Foliar provides BETTER GRAPE HEALTH, MEASURABLY BETTER WINE COLOUR, BRIX, pH. Used or many years in Australian Shiraz.

Viticulture Plus Foliar Fertiliser 20L pack



 Viticulture Plus is a new type of foliar fertiliser product not seen before in NZ but used for many years in Australia. Viticulture Plus contains NDS - this is the Nutrient Delivery System contained in all RLF foliars, which allows much more effective nutrient transfer through the grape leaf. Viti Plus can be used like other foliars - ie applied with usual fungicide sprays effectively - the difference is in the wine! Viti Plus has a high Phosphorous base, with an acid buffer with EDTA chelation. Trials have shown Viti Plus application matches the grapes broad spectrum nutrient needs resulting in improved grape and wine quality, and lower pH in the wine giving better colour, quality and stability. See the attached Viticulture Plus Label below to learn how Viti Plus assists increase in Brix levels through enhanced sugar transport to the berries.  Please also see RLF product compatibility chart for all common types of pesticide.   Downloa...

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Viticulture Plus