Pasture Plus Foliar Fertiliser 20L

Want More Pasture Production, with Higher ME, More DM, Higher Crude Protein and Digestibility?

     Want More Milk and Meat Production? - Use Pasture Plus for pasture response within days.

No Fish Products! No Chicken #^$%! Just highest quality chelated micro-nutrients and NPK in a available foliar formulation developed over 15 years sales and farmer feedback in Australia and now sold globally. RLF sell to 3 million farmers world wide each year.

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2020 UPDATE - Price reduction due to increased import volumes. Proven  on hundreds of NZ farms on all pasture types, 100% fertiliser content!   Pasture Plus is a new technology liquid foliar product using traditional fertiliser elements in a high analysis, broad spectrum formulation which is totally available to the pasture foliage. In this high efficiency nutrient transfer method,  a 2-4L application per Hectare can have dramatic results in unlocking the pasture volume and quality growth potential, providing new pasture performance levels not previously available to NZ farmers.   Benefits are: • Increased early root and plant-top vigour • Increased initial growth and post-grazing regrowth • Improved nutritional feed value (Huge, see below and attached). • Improved animal health • Reduced animal mortality • Improved weight gains • Increased wool and milk yields • Reduced supplementary feed costs • Reduced feed supplements & vet costs • ...

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