Pasture Plus Foliar Fertiliser 200L. Expect Great Results!

More Milk and Meat Production - Use Pasture Plus for pasture response in days.

More Pasture Production, Higher ME, Higher Crude Protein and Digestibility.

No Fish Products! No Chicken #^$%!  Just the highest quality chelated micro-nutrients and NPK in an enhanced availability foliar formulation, developed over 15 years sales from farmer feedback in Australia and now available globally.

RLF products are sold to 3 million farmers world wide each year!  "Trust. Grow. Yield"

Pasture Plus Foliar Fertiliser 200L. Expect Great Results!

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2020 UPDATE - Huge price drop ($725 per drum savings!) due to volume of imports. ORDERS MUST BE IN BY MONDAY 10th AUGUST. Also now available in 1000L IBCs. Hundreds of NZ farmers have applied Pasture Plus with great results we can share, along with agronomist report. Pasture Plus is a new technology liquid foliar product using traditional fertiliser elements in a high analysis, broad spectrum formulation which is totally available to the pasture foliage. In this high efficiency way a 2-4L application can have dramatic results in unlocking the pasture volume and quality growth potential to new levels not previously available to NZ farmers.   Benefits are: • Increased early root and plant-top vigour • Increased initial growth and post-grazing regrowth • Improved nutritional feed value (Huge, see below and attached). • Improved animal health • Reduced animal mortality • Improved weight gains • Increased wool and milk yields • Reduced suppl...

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