GreenMan Bioherbicide 4L

Made from Canola Oil; biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Field Days Special: FREE SHIPPING on all 4L packs.



  GreenMan™ is Element Raw Material's unique Canola oil based BioHerbicide. Replace Glyphosate and Paraquat with lower toxicity, biodegradable, safer Canola Oil based herbicide. NEW PRICE DROP DUE TO LARGER IMPORT SHIPMENTS, WE SAVE, YOU SAVE! Was $200, now $150 incl GST. GreenMan is broad-spectrum and non-selective to target all species of weeds and grasses. This product is lower hazard and a non dangerous good. GreenMan offers a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to other herbicides, able to be used at super low 2-4% rates never possible before!!  Buy now buy clicking add to cart and add some low cost Canola based wetting agent for best effects.   GreenMan™ should not be applied to crops intended for human or animal consumption, nor areas to be grade by food producing animals. This is a statement required by MPI as GreenMan has written MPI approval for use as a non-registered herbicide in NZ, for use on non- food/feed...

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