DUST SOLVE Heavy Biodegradable Dust Suppresant.


DUST SOLVE Heavy Biodegradable Dust Suppresant.



   DUST SOLVE 200L drum. Dust Solve is made from NZ Canola which is food grade, non polluting, and readily biodegradable.   APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Apply as a heavy dose to form an oil impregnated layer in the problem dusty road or other surface, stockpile, yards, tracks or construction site etc. Can be used undiluted or diluted up to 1 part Dust Solve up to 3 parts water. Dust Solve can be applied through any spray equipment.  Length of control is related to amount of dust / aggregate treated on road surface and amount applied per square metre. Approximate guide is 1L undiluted or diluted per metre of road (assuming 1m wide) so a drum will do a 200m section as a high rate of application.Treatment lasts for 3-4months. Subsequent applications can be reduced as the oil accumulates in the top layer of the soil. Dust Solve is a biodegradable product therefore no resource required.    Price includes delivery. 

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