Fertilisers - RLF products and general fertilisers

Welcome to Element Raw Materials Fertiliser Products, the NZ home of RLF - Rural Liquid Fertilisers.

These are NPK plus trace element foliar fert.s to which Foliar Nitrogen can be added - Power N39.

We also supply pop-up (in furrow) liquid fertilisers, BSN Seed Primer, other specialist fertilisers and 20 foot containers of Urea.


Fertilisers - RLF products and general fertilisers

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Element introduces the new method of applying fertilsier to farm pasture and crops.

INTEGRATED FERTILISER MANAGEMENT: Fertilise the Seed, the Soil,  and the Leaf - Increased Production of Higher quality Crops and Pasture at the same cost as current technology solid fertiliser.


RLF -BSN Seed Primer to fertilise INSIDE the seed -ask the local seed treatment company to stock BSN NZ Seed Primer. More Root, More Top Growth, more Yield.


RLF - High Analysis, Broad Spectrum Foliar Fertilisers Crop Specific (Pasture Plus MAX, Viticulture Plus) and Ultra Foliar (Plasma Fusion (Cereals, Brassicas), Horticulture Plus. See CHCH Show NZ RLF brand launch  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALAGIsEGcCE


Urea - Element sells in 1000kg bulk bags, minimum 20MT (20 x 1MT bags) per shipping container direct from the quality manufacturer.


Slow release Urea - So much more efficient, very low N losses and leaching due to chemical slow release up to 9 months from application.


We can source any fertiliser you require. Just ask. You will be surprised at the quality and price!


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    Power N39 Foliar N 1000L

    Power N39 is high concentration Nitrogen Foliar Fertiliser - 39%. Appl...
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