24th August 2021

Spring 2021 updates

Hi all,

    welcome to Covid 2nd lockdown for us South Islanders, have lost count up north as I think it is the 3rd time I have had tio come back earl from AKL business travel. After just having technical training and supplier / customer visit plans dashed in Melbourne, we set up the new Queensland based Element Australia company office in Robina. Following some local client (and hospitality!) visits we returned from Queensland chased out by Covid yet again.

For many of you this has been a frustrating, demanding, challenging but very successful last 12-18 months. Some Highlights are:

  • Record sales across all Element divisions especially plastic polymers.
  • Farmer returns are high but input costs are high also, encouraging the use of our high efficiency inputs.
  • There is greater focus on the environment leading to higher sales of our biodegradable / lower environmental impact chemicals, solvents, adjuvants etc.
  • Plastics Polymer sales are off the charts thanks partly to competitor supply shortages, and mostly to continued positive processing and performance feedback from our polymer clients, leading to much great product spread and depth of supply at most customers. We are still bringing in new polymer alternatives every week, keep the enquiries coming and great to see the many new projects started with advantage from Element Polymers.
  • Element Australia sales have been strong, we focus on a small number of large clients we can add major advantage to, the number of Air and Sea freight imports have doubled but there is so much growth potential through our agents and directly.
  • We have sold out of RLF Foliars for early Spring, indent orders will be processed over the summer.

We wish everyone well through the current NZ lockdown, and continue to trade strongly as an "essential" supplier to many essential manufacturers and Agri clients. We thank you for your business, support, and keen ongoing interest in Element.

Best regards,

Jason Reid


Element Raw Materials ANZ.