29th March 2022

Multiple new technology Polymer launches exclusively from Element in 2022!

There are some exciting new offers coming form Element this year - customers have demanded it and we have exceeded their expectations!


Recycled materials of all types, customised blends with flexible MOQs and fast make and shipping. No one can beat our lead-times!


Compostable, biodegradable - new "secret" polymers being launched, contact us for details of pre-launch sampling.


Elastomers - TPU, TPV, TPE - we believe we have the worlds best suppliers - fast make and shipment, great quality and customised grades available for particular requirements.


Biobased materials our competitors have never heard of, from new generation plants with massive scale.


High end engineering plastics, we have won many new projects in the last 12 months - contact us with your specialist requirement.


Australian clients welcome, we can offer many materials not available in Aussie, and have both direct and agents sales across Australia.