24th March 2021

Corrosives replacements - new non DG chemicals to replace full strength Acid and Caustic

Element announce we are the appointed distributor for new chemicals that are low hazard, non DG which can replace full strength corrosives as below, we welcome enquiries from commercial / manufacturing clients in 800L (drums) to 1000L (IBCs) MOQ.


These pure chemicals and blended compounds produced from them are suitable for a wide range of uses such as:


Acid replacement applications:

Scale control and removal.

Lime, rust, mineral (and dust) removal

pH adjustment for for food / water / industrial applications.  Had FDA and many other certifications.


Acid Replacement for:

33% HCL Acid

Full strength Sulphuric Acid

Nitric Acid

Phosphoric Acid

Hydrofluoric Acid


Caustic replacement for:

30 and 50% Caustic Soda NaOH.


Other caustics.


Caustic replacement applications:

Degreasing, fat, oil, other material removal.

pH correction, is self nuetralising upon heavy dilution.

Water treatment.

Food surface cleaning

A range of industrial, and compounding applications.


Enquire to Jason today, samples and stock here in NZ: 021 156 1049